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Future Opportunity Exchange

One of the highlights of the 2017 World Government Summit for the IDA was the launch of the new Future Opportunity Exchange (FOx), an educational initiative based at Oxford University’s Magdalen College.  FOx is an international outreach program that connects students and teachers with resources and technology designed to promote educational and training opportunities in underserved communities around the world.  In addition to curriculum development and teacher education, the FOx program also provides services like peer-to-peer tutoring, financial aid counseling and conference support.  FOx will use Oxford University’s global network to link participants through a program of interdisciplinary activities focused on the exchange of ideas and the exploration of human culture, citizenship, and shared aspirations for personal growth and stronger communities.  The IDA will participate in FOx’s annual programs by assisting in the development of innovative curriculum materials, providing technology resources, and supporting workshops, conferences and information days for a global mix of students and teachers.  In addition, FOx will participate directly in the IDA’s planned World Youth Congress scheduled for Dubai in 2018 which will present an unprecedented opportunity for reshaping global approaches to increasing educational opportunities children of all backgrounds.

FOx in Arona

Everybody has a home town, no matter where they are from. Think about the places in and landmarks of your town that make it the place you know. What do you know about their history and the stories attached to them?

FOx and the IDA have collaborated to roll out workshops for children in Arona, which will take place during the weekend of April 28th, coinciding with the unveiling of the Triumphal Arch. These workshops will allow students to interact with important landmarks in Arona, as well as the Triumphal Arch, and make connections between their local cultural heritage and our shared cultural heritage around the globe. 

A sustained educational program has also begun in Arona, as a trial for a large-scale educational program that FOx and the IDA will be introducing into schools globally in over the coming year. This program is a more in-depth exploration of cultural heritage, history and technology, and aims to instill in young people a love for cultural heritage and a curiosity for the potential of technology. The program combines multiple subjects, providing a holistic educational experience.