Khaled al-Asaad Museum, Arona Italy

The exhibition at the Khaled al-Asaad Museum in Arona highlights multiple facets of the importance of cultural heritage. The experience brings together modern technology and the traditional museum experience, for a holistic view of cultural heritage and its preservation. 


Visitors will find displays, multimedia, and hands-on activities that deal with . . . 

- Palmyra, it's history and importance on the world stage and the tragedy of its systematic destruction 

- Other important sites in Syria that have been threatened by violence or been destroyed

- Panoramic virtual tours of some of the most beautiful sites in Syria, including parts of Aleppo that are no longer standing

- The importance of technology in Archaeology, including explorations of different techniques

- The opportunity to use a 3D anaglyph camera

- A journey through the process of creating and building the IDA's scale recreation of the Triumphal Arch of Palmyra